CRA Compliance

Top 10 Canadian Charity Compliance Issues

Q. I was just appointed as a Director of a Charity. What are important compliance issues I need to monitor to stay in the good graces of the CRA Charities Directorate?

A. The top 10 Compliance issues the CRA repeatedly focuses on are:

  1. Incorrect issuance of Receipts;
  2. Failure to file the annual T3010 return;
  3. T3010 errors and omissions;
  4. Undertaking non-charitable activities;
  5. Gifts to Non-Qualified Donees;
  6. Failure to maintain Direction and Control of activities operating in foreign jurisdictions;
  7. Unreasonable fundraising costs;
  8. Involvement in partisan political activities;
  9. Unrelated business activities;
  10. Inflated tax receipts related to Religious Tuition.

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