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"Dov and his team were truly amazing. They supported us every step of the way in getting our charity number. I only wish I had hired him sooner. Retain Dov and his firm and rest easy as he will take care of everything." ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
- Cindy Stradling, Founder, Courage in Action, Charity Reg. #: 711664482 RR 0001
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Our charity lawyers have helped thousands of people like you take their idea and turn it into a fully functioning organization that is poised for real success. A small sampling of our happy clients include:

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Testimonial Videos

“We had our Charity Registration within 6 months. Thank you Dov for helping us help over 2,500 families…”

Gillian Cullen, Founder/CEO Birth Mark [Charity Registration # 743972515 RR0001]

“B.I.G. Charity Law guided us every step of the way… They are very quick and prompt to respond.”

Sheryl Over, Businesswoman (Overstock), President Achieve Housing Charity [Charity Registration # 755797131 RR 0001]

“They immediately responded to our emails, questions and phone calls… They helped us navigate the charity registration so that we could focus on the big picture.”

Angela Hill, MBA CFO MedFit Inc. [Charity Registration # 746197714 RR0001]

“I knew nothing about the process. Dov held our hands though to charity registration.”

Dr. Leon Steiner, Psychotherapist/President TMS Clinics of Canada [Charity Registration # 749376133 RR0001]

“The quality is definitely and completely 100%. I am very thankful and completely satisfied.”

Mike Epp, founder of Rev the Nations, a registered Canadian Charity based out of Vancouver, B.C. (Charity Registration #: 770844330 RR 0001)

“I love their message and I love their philosophy. They've been kind, patient, and understanding.. I highly recommend.”

Kylah Harrington, the Executive Director of a Registered Charity located in Toronto, Ontario "Parent Education Network (PEN)" Charity Registration # 133336511 RR 0001.

Our Services

Charity Counsel
(Governance & Compliance)

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Strategic advice to Directors, Officers and Members on all aspects of charity operations, including charity governance, CRA audits, dissolutions, subsidiaries, real estate transfers, charitable gifts, Trusts, promotions, and board disputes.

Not-For-Profit Incorporation

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We incorporate hundreds of Not-for-profits across Canada every year. Registration includes Nuans search/reservation, Certificate and Articles of Incorporation, single/multi-class membership bylaws, resolutions, consents, AGM minutes, and Minute book.

Charity Registration

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Register your charity without dealing with complicated legal forms. Our client Google reviews consistently cite the ease, streamlined service, and speed of our registration service. 87% of our charities are registered within 5-7 months

What Our Clients Say

Munaf Majeed



I am glad we worked with B.I.G. Charity Law Group, they are very professional and their expertise helped us in getting the CRA registration completed for our Charity Organization swiftly and without any issues.



Helped us a lot. thanks for your integrity

Joel Werner



Dov and team were wonderful at guiding us through the requirements to respond to CRA for our charity registration. The process was very efficient and we obtained registration in a reasonable period of time. I would strongly recommend them for any charity registration needs.

JoAnne Burek



A great team of patient and understanding professionals who will keep you on track. Even if you never hire them, sign up for their newsletter--you'll learn a lot about running a non-profit.



Very good to work with. They do what they say they will do.



Really appreciated all the professionalism brought here. I got an answer to all questions I could have come up with. They were present throughout all the process and, made it look easy. 100% recommended.

Fergy Neves



The process was explained very clearly, I was kept in the loop on progress and although it took longer than expected the result was approval. I would recommend the firm to anyone else looking to get approved for Charity Status.

Lori Cohen



Very professional and knowledgeable. They bend over backwards to be there for the client. I cannot imagine running a charity without knowing I can reach out get excellent advice at all times. Completely trust this firm.

Sunita Kapoor



B.I.G. Charity Law Group team is always available to answer any any question and clear all doubts any time we needed. strongly recommend.

691+ 5.0 Star Google Reviews Across Two Locations

Our Process

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Look Forward to your Charity (or NFP) Registration!

Reasons why clients choose B.I.G. Charity Law Group

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1 Day

Average of 1 Day to incorporate Not-For-Profit


Charity & NFP Founders Who Have Successfully Registered Their Charity and/or Not-for-Profit Without Dealing With Complicated Legal Forms


5.0 Star Google Reviews across two locations

1 - 2 Weeks

Average of 1 - 2 Weeks to submit a Charity Application

Only 1

Only B.I.G. Charity Law Group Professional Corporation exclusively practice Charity Law in Canada

5-6 months

Average 5-6 months for our clients to get their charities registered

Charity Governance and Compliance

Running a Charity is like any other business – full of paperwork! You’re doing this because you love The Work not the legal paperwork. But, with great programming comes great responsibility – to make sure deals get done well.

Disputes & regulatory reviews


  • Contract Disputes

  • Membership and governance

  • Regulatory, negligence and liability issues

  • Contract and service disputes

  • Regulatory and administrative disputes

  • And negligence (defense of actual or threatened proceedings)


We provide strategic and practical advice to Directors of Charities and Not-for-Profits on:

  • Compliance and risk management, including governance structures

  • Modernizing Membership Structures

  • Governance Duties

  • Revising Bylaws

  • Appointment and termination of directors

  • Board Policies

  • Due Diligence

  • Privacy Issues

  • Failures and breaches of duties by directors or officers

Charitable trusts

Providing services related to the effective creation, organization and administration of trusts, including:

  • Advising in relation to bequests to charities

  • Amendments to Trust deeds

  • Advising in relation to charitable trust purposes

  • Cypres and other trust variation schemes

  • And advising in relation to charitable trust proceedings in court.

  • Advertising and marketing law, including advice regarding branding and marketing strategies

Brand, information & reputation protection

Advising On:

  • Intellectual property use and protection

  • Privacy laws

  • Copyrights

  • Trademarks

  • Confidentiality

  • General commercial law including terms and conditions

  • Contract review and preparation

Workplace and people issues

Advice for all employment laws and advise and develop appropriate contracts and policies for all types of working arrangements, including:

  • Employements

  • Independent Contracts

  • Volunteers

  • Dispute Resolutions

  • Risk and Safety

  • Misconduct Investigation

  • Human Resource Consulting

  • HR issues related to mergers/acquisitions/divestments

Gifts, charitable fundraising & promotions

Advising on all legal and tax aspects associated with raising funds as a charity and Not-for-Profit, including:

  • Advising on gift deductibility

  • Reviewing Promotional Material

  • Advising charities, philanthropists and corporate foundations on sponsorships

  • Reviewing Receipts

  • Intellectual property licensing for promotional purposes

  • Advertising and marketing law, including advice regarding branding and marketing strategies.

Our All-Star Team

Dov Goldberg


When Mr. Goldberg takes on a Charity Registration file, his clients reap the benefit of his considerable knowledge, experience and intense personal investment. Mr. Goldberg has been practicing Charity Law for over a decade, and now concentrates his practice exclusively on Charity and Not-for-Profit Law.

suzanne rose, l.c.


Suzanne is a woman of many talents.  Not only is she a fabulous Law Clerk, she is also a gaming addict, flutist superstar and seamstress extraordinaire. She is warm and inviting, always willing to listen to her clients and respect those around her.


Bruce Turner BIG Law Group



If Bruce looks familiar to you, it might be because of his 25-year long film and television career as an actor and television host.  His most notable would be hosting the award-winning international hit Style By Jury. He has an extensive background in working with charities, having worked with The March of Dimes and The Aga Khan Foundation to name a few.


Daisy Francisco BIG Law Group


Daisy is a charity law genius, devoted mom, and tech whiz. Okay, she doesn’t do all of these things at the same time (usually), but she is certainly multitalented. She’s easygoing and definitely a people person, but she’s also detail-oriented – a great combination for a law clerk extraordinaire.



(289) 277-5788

Linda is an accountant and our go-to person for all things numbers-related. She’s highly dependable and always ready to help. A coffee lover, she’s probably enjoying her coffee if she’s not looking at financial data. 277-5788


(289) 277-5788

Gerome is the firm's Operations Manager, and he ensures that everything is in order so that we can give high-quality services. He is the person we turn to when we need to automate or optimize a process at the organization. Gerome enjoys spending time with his family and playing with his children when he is not working on his computer. 277-5788

Hoyt Crouch

(289) 274-5888

Hoyt loves people and hearing their stories. If you have a story to tell, he wants to hear it! When he is not helping others start charities, he is enjoying carpentry, the outdoors, and spending time with his wife and daughter. 274-5888

Rachael baber

(289) 204-7788

As an Account Executive at B.I.G., Rachael is likely one of the first people you will connect with. She is here to listen attentively to your vision and needs, provide both clarity and answers to your questions, and guide you into the right decision. Your peace of mind and confidence are her main focus. Rachael is organized, detail oriented, and passionate about serving others - as a wife, homemaker and entrepreneur herself. Some days, that looks like helping you set up a charity. And other days, it looks like whipping up some homemade cinnamon rolls. 204-7788


Ryan Mosoff
(289) 301-7775

Ryan Mosoff
Ryan Mosoff is a dedicated and forward-thinking lawyer who seamlessly merges a passion for legal technology with a commitment to the practice of charity law. With a unique blend of legal expertise and a deep appreciation for the ever-evolving world of technology, Ryan delivers innovative and effective solutions to our clients. Outside the office, you'll find him playing in the park with his four-legged friend, Sadie. 301-7775


Mathew Mah
(289) 278-8857

Mathew Mah
Mathew is committed to understanding and resolving your unique challenges through value-oriented solutions. His approach is rooted in empathetic problem-solving and effective communication. Outside the office, Mathew is a travel enthusiast having been to 44 countries, while at home his joys come from spending time with his mini Golden-Doodle, Cali. 278-8857


Yisrael Sherman

Yisrael Sherman
At BIG Charity Law Group, Yisrael Sherman will guide you in establishing charities and non-profits. His expertise supports you through formation and operational process. His goal is to help you realize your vision for your organization.


Casriel Silver
(289) 312-8353

Casriel Silver
Casriel is a dynamic team member with a wide variety of experience. He has a solid track record supporting the growth and development of existing organizations as well as spearheading new initiatives with ultimate accountability. Willing to go the extra mile and always seeking to be of help.Casriel has lived in four countries globally, providing him with a rich, multicultural perspective. While he once embraced skydiving and bungee jumping, he now prefers keeping his feet on the ground, reflecting a shift towards a balanced and grounded approach to life. 312-8353

A Sampling of Our Clients

We work with charities of all shapes and sizes, including Private and Corporate foundations, Philanthropic individuals, Arts and other cultural institutions, Private schools, Medical and Scientific research, overseas and local aid providers, Faith-based organizations, and Environmental NGOs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to register a charity in Canada?

1. For a standard charity, the registration can be as quickly as 6 months, if it's drafted properly and the CRA doesn't have questions. If the application does not provide sufficient information, the turnaround time is usually 8-10 months, though this varies depending on the CRA backlog.  

2. Foundations are generally registered within about 3-4 months. 

3. International charities are usually registered within 8-10 months, on average, if prepared by a competent charity lawyer. If filed by an individual not proficient in Charity law, the process can be expected to take longer than a year.

How much does it cost to register a Charity in Canada? Do you charge hourly? What is the typical price - and can you give me a high and low range?

Most charity lawyers charge hourly fees at various price points - with no predictability of the final cost. We've heard anecdotally of charity lawyers in Toronto and elsewhere in Canada giving a range of "$5,000-$7,500.00" to register a charity, with the client getting a final bill of well over $15,000.00. We were even told by a current client about a prominent Toronto law firm which charged them over $42,000.00 (!) to register their charity, which took 4+ years... This can be due to carve-outs, add ons, or not including all the legal work in the original quoted fees.  

We recommend asking your charity lawyer for a guaranteed fixed fee, including taxes and disbursements, as well as what is included in the said fee (i.e., just the application? Is correspondence with the CRA included?). Additionally, with the CRA rejecting about 65% of all charity applications it receives on an annual basis, we recommend requesting a 100% money-back guarantee of charity registration from the charity lawyer you work with (this may not always be possible, but an experienced charity lawyer should be able to advise the likelihood of registration).

We would also recommend you watch our video, on the top 3 questions to ask before retaining a charity lawyer, here.

What is/are the benefit(s) of incorporating our Non-profit, and how would we go about incorporating if we decide that is the preferred option?

There are 4 primary benefits of incorporating a Non-profit, especially federally:
1. limited liability for the directors and officers;
2. better access to government and private grants;
3. Continuity of the corporation, regardless of the original trustees ability to serve the non-profit; and
4. protection of the non-profit's name across Canada (if incorporated federally).

What are the common issues which trigger a CRA refusal letter to a charity application?

The CRA actually provides such a list, and it could be accessed at the following link: 
To simplify the list, the 7 most common reasons for a CRA rejection are: 
a. the applicant has for-profit purposes or intent;
b. the applicant's purposes include political purposes which would further the interest of a given political candidate or party;
c. gifting to organizations which are not registered charities in Canada;
d. providing a private benefit;
e. the purposes are a mix of both charitable and non-charitable activities;
f. the applicant is not a resident of Canada;
g. the Applicant's activities are illegal or contrary to public policy;

What considerations should we take into account when deciding whether to move forward with applying for charitable status?

We suggest to consider the following 5 things: 

1. Vision and Mission: Could you answer what your mission is in 50 words or less? Do you know exactly what your organization is coming to fix? 

2. Is it practical - Do you have the logistics to pull it off? 

3. Compliance: Like a for-profit, your charity will be accountable to the CRA, as well as provincial oversight. Be prepared to be transparent, with strict controls of operations to ensure you are operating within the confines of the relevant legislative acts. 

4. Viable: Can the organization survive and thrive through full financial cycles?  

5. Directors and Officers: Do you have other individuals who share your vision and will do everything to make it work? Donors will be a lot more willing to donate to a charity with a team of passionate leaders. 

I want to start a charity. However, it appears that despite putting in buckets of time, sweat and effort, the founder has no ownership rights. Does that mean that the board can fire the founder at any time? Is there any way to protect myself as a founder from being fired? 

It’s true that you cannot own a charity or not-for-profit. However, you can create a multiple classes member structure, where the founder is the sole Class A member. A similar bylaw structure, called "Founder's Bylaws" would have just one class of membership, but would give you the same control. In that capacity, you elect and terminate the board members at your sole discretion. This structure provides protection to you, as a social entrepreneur, who takes on so much risk for zero ownership. We can help you put together such a structure in your Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and relevant resolutions. We, as well as other experienced charity lawyers across Canada and the US, believe that giving founders long term control gives a stronger impetus to the founders to invest time, effort and money into growing their charity to its greatest potential.

Must the members of our Not-for-Profit be Canadian residents or Canadian citizens?

There is no Canadian residency requirement for members of a Not-for-Profit. In fact, neither the directors or officers need to be Canadian residents or citizens. All members, directors and officers of a Canadian not-for-profit may be foreign nationals. Their addresses may be outside Canada as well. However, if the Not-for-Profit registers as a charity, it must have its head office in Canada.

What is the difference between a Not-for-Profit and a Charity?

While most charities are incorporated as Not-for-Profits, NFPs are not necessarily registered charities.

The two are defined differently under the Income Tax Act, as follows:

1. Tax Receipts: Charities may issue official donation receipts for income tax purposes; Not-for-Profits may not issue tax receipts.
2. Tax Exempt: Registered charities are tax exempt. Nonprofits are exempt from paying income tax, but may be taxable on property income and capital gains.
3. Tax Return: Charities must file form T3010 with 6 months of their fiscal period end. Not-for-Profits however must file a T2 return, also within 6 months of their fiscal year end.
4. Registration: Charities must apply to the CRA-Charities Directorate to be approved for registration as a charity. There is no registration process for Income Tax purposes for Not-for-Profits.
5. Purposes: Charities must be established exclusively for charitable purposes (i.e., relief of poverty, advancement of education, religion, or other purposes beneficial to the community. Not-for-Profits however can operate for civic improvement, recreation, sport, social welfare, or any other purpose except for profit.

Meet Dov Goldberg, J.D.

Hi, I’m Dov Goldberg. As a Lawyer working exclusively with Charities and Not-for-Profits, I help founders and directors register their charity and/or not-for-profit without dealing with complicated legal forms, by taking care of all the paperwork so that you can successfully register your charity/NPO, have more freedom, peace of mind, and spend more time doing what you love. In 2015, after working for several years in a boutique firm focused on corporate, business, and charity law, I took the leap to start a Law Firm dedicated exclusively to Charities and Not-for-Profit Corporations, so that I could help Charity Founders, Directors and Not-for-Profit Entrepreneurs register and operate their organizations on a solid and stable legal footing and so that I could work in a legal field where I am inspired daily by our amazing clients (…one of the best decisions I’ve ever made).

Since then, I’ve assisted 3,785+ Charity Founders, Directors, Officers, and NPO Entrepreneurs successfully register and govern their Canadian Charity/NPO and I’m the only charity lawyer with more than 691+  5.0 Star Google Reviews(across our 2 locations) from clients who love my professional, quick and streamlined charity services.

I now manage and operate a passionate team of 8 at B.I.G. Charity Law Group who help my clients start, launch, and operate their Charity and/or Not-for-Profit corporation.

Join over 3,785+ Charity Founders, Directors, and NPO entrepreneurs who have trusted me with registering their charity and NFP Corporation.

Dov Goldberg, J.D.

Dov Golderg