Everything you need to know to get your non-profit/charity in compliance with Ontario's Not-for-Profit Corporations Act.

Pricing Plans

Minute book review & by-law amendments

Review constating documents, advise on membership structure, and amend bylaws to comply with the ONCA.

What's included?

Review constating documents
Advise on membership structure
Amend Articles of Incorporation to comply with the ONCA

Articles of Incorporation + By-law Amendments

Everything in the Bylaws amendment package, plus review and amendment of the Letters Patent/Articles of Incorporation.

What's included?

Review Articles of Incorporation for ONCA compliance
Bylaws and minute book amendments
Amend membership structure and update Articles of Incorporation purposes and schedules

ONCA Compliance for Registered Charities

ONCA compliance specifically for registered charities, and includes ensuring compliance with the Income Tax Act and CRA regulations.

What's included?

Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation ONCA compliance and amendments
Ensure compliance with the Income Tax Act and CRA regulations
Update and obtain approval from the CRA for corporate revisions
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ONCA for the Non- Lawyer
ONCA Overview
ONCA for Public Benefit Corporations
A Comprehensive Handbook for Incorporating in Ontario
Duties, Responsibilities and Powers of Charity Directors
Considerations when Reviewing Bylaws for ONCA Compliance
The Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act
Tools for Navigating the ONCA Legislation
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ONCA Videos