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Imagine running your Charity or Not-for-Profit with total peace of mind, confidence, and freedom.

With the help of B.I.G. Charity Law Group, that dream can easily become your reality.

We get it – running and registering a charity tends to require lots of complicated paperwork and tedious legal tasks. Thankfully, we’re here to demystify the process and make it easier on you. And while charity law may not be the flashiest or glamorous area of law, we find it to be some of the most fulfilling work one could possibly do. It gives us the opportunity to help you build something that creates positive, lasting change in the world.

As a practice fueled by mission and purpose, it’s our delight and privilege to exclusively help charities and Not-for-Profit organizations across Canada with all of their legal needs, from charity registration and compliance to Not-for-Profit incorporation and governance.

Most organizations call a lawyer when something has gone wrong – they find themselves in legal trouble, they get rejected by the CRA, they’re facing complex issues with their governing boards, or they hit a roadblock they can’t possibly hope to face alone.

And while we happily go to bat for our clients in times of trouble, our hope is that you’ll contact us long before things start going south. At B.I.G. Charity Law Group, we’re passionate about setting up your charity or Not-for-Profit organization on a strong, stable and legal footing right from the beginning, so you can operate with complete confidence.

Your non-profit or charity is like a house. If it doesn’t have a solid foundation, you’re sure to run into problems down the line. Rather than waiting for the pipes to start leaking or the roof to start caving in, we want to help you create a sturdy, reliable structure that supports your mission for years to come.

You started your Not-for-Profit organization with an important purpose in mind. Your charity is more than a business for you; it’s a way to create positive change in the world. As experienced charity lawyers, our goal is to help bring your worthy cause to fruition by making sure all your legal bases are covered. We’re delighted to come alongside you and support you as you make your mission and vision a reality.

As Canada’s only law firm that exclusively practices Charity and Not-for-Profit Law, our depth of knowledge and experience in Non-profit and Charity law is unique. Unlike legal generalists and law firms who dabble in multiple practice areas, we know the ins and outs of charity law like the backs of our hands.

Whether you’re an eager entrepreneur looking to start and grow your NFP and/or Charity, a Director or Officer of an established charity, or somewhere in between, the charity lawyers at B.I.G. Charity Law Group is ready to support you. We take care of every legal step your organization needs, from charity registration to governance and compliance.

We’ve helped more than 1,385+ Charity Founders, Directors, and Non-profit entrepreneurs register their charities and NFP corporations. Work with us and you'll be in amazing company.

You Have a Vision. We Want to Help.

Our Team

dov goldberg, J.D.

When Mr. Goldberg takes on a Charity Registration file, his clients reap the benefit of his considerable knowledge, experience and intense personal investment. Mr. Goldberg has been practicing Charity Law for over a decade, and now concentrates his practice exclusively on Charity and Not-for-Profit Law.

E: dov.goldberg@charitylawgroup.ca
P: 416-488-5888 ext. 8

Suzanne Rose, L.C.

Suzanne is a woman of many talents.  Not only is she a fabulous Law Clerk, she is also a gaming addict, flutist superstar and seamstress extraordinaire. She is warm and inviting, always willing to listen to her clients and respect those around her.

E: suzanne.rose@charitylawgroup.ca
Phone: 416-488-5888 ext. 3

Andrew Clubine, B.C.L./J.D.

Andrew is Counsel to B.I.G. Charity Law Group. He has governance and management experience in a variety of social sector organizations. Andrew has a keen interest in issues related to educational and religious organizations, and is pursuing a masters in law and religion at KU Leuven. Andrew practices law in Ontario and Quebec. He serves clients in English, French, and Spanish.

E: andrew.clubine@charitylawgroup.ca
Phone: (289) 301-7775

Bruce Turner, B.A.

If Bruce looks familiar to you, it might be because of his 25-year long film and television career as an actor and television host.  His most notable would be hosting the award-winning international hit Style By Jury. He has an extensive background in working with charities, having worked with The March of Dimes and The Aga Khan Foundation to name a few.

Phone: 416-488-5888 ext. 5

Daisy Francisco, L.C.

Daisy is a charity law genius, devoted mom, and tech whiz. Okay, she doesn’t do all of these things at the same time (usually), but she is certainly multitalented. She’s easygoing and definitely a people person, but she’s also detail-oriented – a great combination for a law clerk extraordinaire.

E: dfrancisco@charitylawgroup.ca
P: 289-819-1177

Linda Travero

Linda is an accountant and our go-to person for all things numbers-related. She’s highly dependable and always ready to help. A coffee lover, she’s probably enjoying her coffee if she’s not looking at financial data.

Email: accounts@charitylawgroup.ca
Phone: (289) 277-5788

Benjamin Miller LL.B.

Benjamin Miller is of counsel at B.I.G. Charity Law Group. Benjamin's depth of charity law knowledge and experience is unique. After organizing the Charity Law Interest Group at the University of Toronto, he articled as a policy analyst with the Charities Directorate of the CRA. Benjamin is also an analyst with the prestigious Ontario Nonprofit Network and the Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO).

E: benjamin.miller@charitylawgroup.ca
P: (289) 272-8870

Eden Einav, L.C.

Eden Einav is our senior charity law clerk and will likely be one of the first people you speak with at B.I.G. Charity Law Group. As a volunteer paramedic, Eden is always kind and compassionate when listening to a client's needs.  He has an extensive background in working with charities and his energyto help is contagious.  For some reason people just love him!

E: eden.einav@charitylawgroup.ca
Phone: 289-809-7078

Hoyt crouch

Hoyt loves people and hearing their stories. If you have a story to tell, he wants to hear it! When he is not helping others start charities, he is enjoying carpentry, the outdoors, and spending time with his wife and daughter.

E: hoyt.crouch@charitylawgroup.ca
Phone: (289) 274-5888

Rachael baber

As an Account Executive at B.I.G., Rachael is likely one of the first people you will connect with. She is here to listen attentively to your vision and needs, provide both clarity and answers to your questions, and guide you into the right decision. Your peace of mind and confidence are her main focus. Rachael is organized, detail oriented, and passionate about serving others - as a wife, homemaker and entrepreneur herself. Some days, that looks like helping you set up a charity. And other days, it looks like whipping up some homemade cinnamon rolls.

E: Rachael.baber@charitylawgroup.ca
Phone: (289) 204-7788

A Sampling of Our Clients

We work with charities of all shapes and sizes, including Private and Corporate foundations, Philanthropic individuals, Arts and other cultural institutions, Private schools, Medical and Scientific research, overseas and local aid providers, Faith-based organizations, and Environmental NGOs.

Name of Charity: Omacan

Activities: Education (School) and Poverty Aid in Uganda
Charity Registration Number:
79982 8082 RR0001

Name of Charity: Fill a Purse for a Sister Campaign

Activities: Charitable Assistance for Women Victims
Charity Registration Number:
776948739 RR 0001

Name of Charity: Quantius Education Foundation

Activities: Scholarships for Female Students Entering STEM
Charity Registration Number:
72826 2494 RR0001

Name of Charity: Birth Mark

Activities: Helping Women in Childbirth
Charity Registration Number:
74397 2515 RR0001

Name of Charity: The Lamplighter Foundation

Activities: Poverty Reduction
Charity Registration Number:
77731 1515 RR0001

Name of Charity: Hands Up Canada

Activities: Poverty Aid for Canadians in Need
Charity Registration Number:
74228 8889 RR0001

Name of Charity: Workplace Nirvana

Activities: Research and Solutions for Workplace Bullying
Charity Registration Number:
72892 5892 RR0001

Name of Charity: Canadian Aniridia Foundation

Activities: Medical Research and Solutions for Aniridia Patients
Charity Registration Number:
74892 2291 RR0001

Name of Charity: The Interactive Jewish Education Centre

Activities: Advancement of Jewish Religion and Jewish Culture, Museum
Charity Registration Number:
80334 6790 RR0001

Name of Charity: Help Me! Projects

Charitable Activities: Healthcare Services in Pakistan
Charity Registration Number:
75131 0491 RR0001

Name of Charity: Redemption Paws

Charitable Activities: Animal Rescue
Charity Registration Number:
79553 9311 RR0001

Name of Charity: Raising Wildflowers

Activities: Adoption Assistance and Education
Charity Registration Number:
7227 68298 RR0001

Name of Charity: York Entrepreneurship Development Institute

Activities: Business Education
Charity Registration Number:
81209 5735 RR0001

Name of Charity: Indus Development Canada

Activities: Purchase of Medical Equipment for Hospitals serving indigenous patients.
Charity Registration Number:
79022 3119 RR 0001


Activities: A Toronto-based ensemble dedicated to artistic excellence in the programming and performance of contemporary music
Charity Reg Number:
73358 1110 RR 0001

Name of Charity: PowerHockey Toronto

Activities: To provide para-athletes with various disabilities and skill levels who use a power wheelchair the opportunity to partake in a recreational, yet competitive sport.
Charity Registration Number:
73733 1686 RR 0001

Name of Charity: HeadStrong Kids Canada

Activities: Educating and supporting young athletes on the importance of head safety while playing sports.
Charity Registration Number:
75546 7511 RR 0001

Name of Charity: Global Development Indigenous Trust

Activities: Transformation and economic development of Aboriginal communities.
Charity Registration Number:
81087 3372 RR 0001

Name of Charity: Niagara Dog Rescue Inc.

Activities: Animal Welfare
Charity Registration Number:
800661589 RR 0001

Name of Charity: Happy Kidz Canada

Activities: Medical and Poverty Relief for Children
Charity Registration Number:
711007088 RR 0001

Name of Charity: Courage in Action Inc.

Activities: Entrepreneurship Education for Women
Charity Registration Number:
711664482 RR 0001