Wondering if ONCA Applies to your Not-for-Profit?

se sIf you Nonprofit is registered provincially in Ontario, you must apply ONCA Transition or ONCA Compliance.

ex sExceptions: You're safe if you're not incorporated, or under the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, or Ontario’s Co-operative Corporations Act.

still Still trying to figure it out? Seek expert advice to know if ONCA applies to your organization.

B.I.G. lawyers exclusively focus on Charity & Not-for-Profit Law. Our Law Practice exclusively consists of ONCA, NPO and Charity Law.

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What's Changing?

The Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (ONCA) is bringing a modernized approach to managing non-profit organizations.

It emphasizes better governance, transparency, and accountability.

Over 50,000 non-profit corporations in Ontario must now update their governing documents under ONCA or consider transitioning to the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act (CNCA).

Key Action Items:

aleDeadline Alert: Organizations have until October 18, 2024, to update their governing documents in line with ONCA.

Consequences of Inaction: Failure to comply may lead to automatic amendments and legal uncertainties.

Ready to Transition? Take action now to stay caught up. Understand, prepare, and transition to comply with ONCA. For expert guidance, you may schedule an appointment with our team for ONCA Transition or ONCA Compliance.

Stay Ahead, Stay Compliant.

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Testimonial Videos

“We had our Charity Registration within 6 months. Thank you Dov for helping us help over 2,500 families…”

Gillian Cullen, Founder/CEO Birth Mark [Charity Registration # 743972515 RR0001]

“B.I.G. Charity Law guided us every step of the way… They are very quick and prompt to respond.”

Sheryl Over, Businesswoman (Overstock), President Achieve Housing Charity [Charity Registration # 755797131 RR 0001]

“They immediately responded to our emails, questions and phone calls… They helped us navigate the charity registration so that we could focus on the big picture.”

Angela Hill, MBA CFO MedFit Inc. [Charity Registration # 746197714 RR0001]

“I knew nothing about the process. Dov held our hands though to charity registration.”

Dr. Leon Steiner, Psychotherapist/President TMS Clinics of Canada [Charity Registration # 749376133 RR0001]

“The quality is definitely and completely 100%. I am very thankful and completely satisfied.”

Mike Epp, founder of Rev the Nations, a registered Canadian Charity based out of Vancouver, B.C. (Charity Registration #: 770844330 RR 0001)

“I love their message and I love their philosophy. They've been kind, patient, and understanding.. I highly recommend.”

Kylah Harrington, the Executive Director of a Registered Charity located in Toronto, Ontario "Parent Education Network (PEN)" Charity Registration # 133336511 RR 0001.

Dov GoldBerg

Meet Dov Goldberg, J.D.

Hi, I’m Dov Goldberg. As a Lawyer working exclusively with Charities and Not-for-Profits, I help founders and directors register their charity and/or not-for-profit without dealing with complicated legal forms, by taking care of all the paperwork so that you can successfully register your charity/NPO, have more freedom, peace of mind, and spend more time doing what you love.

In 2015, after working for several years in a boutique firm focused on corporate, business, and charity law, I took the leap to start a Law Firm dedicated exclusively to Charities and Not-for-Profit Corporations, so that I could help Charity Founders, Directors and Not-for-Profit Entrepreneurs register and operate their organizations on a solid and stable legal footing and so that I could work in a legal field where I am inspired daily by our amazing clients (…one of the best decisions I’ve ever made).

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